Getting Started

"It’s time to get excited. Let your imagination go and dream of your perfect garden."

Undertaking a Calgary landscaping project can be a little bit daunting, especially if you have never been involved in one before. The following are some suggestions of things you and your family could do which might be helpful.

Family Meeting

Get started by getting everyone's ideas. Are there specific features that would make your yard a place of enjoyment for all family members? Make it a family project.

Scrapbook Of Likes & Dislikes

Have you seen a picture of a garden in a magazine or online that captivated you? Save those photos  for us to have a look.

City Drive

Take a drive around town. Note Calgary landscapes that catch your eye. Get ideas about styles, materials, plants, overall looks and feels that appeal to you.


Have a look at the questionnaire we have included here for you. It might help you clarify things if you are uncertain, and it will definitely help us get started on your project.

Real Property Report

In order to prepare a Calgary landscape design for you we will need your Real Property Report. If you aren't sure where it is, check your mortgage papers.